Fiber Optics

Fiber Optic Transmission

RSC Security recognises the need to move forward with the latest signal transmission methods available and recommend, where possible, the use of fiber optical transmission for CCTV, access control and computer networks. RSC Security can supply, install and terminate fiber on any new installation or as part of an existing system upgrade.  

Advantages of using fiber optics:

Why are fibre-optic systems revolutionising the security industry? Compared to conventional copper wire, optical fibres are:

  • Less expensive – Several kilometers of optical cable can be made cheaper than equivalent lengths of copper cables. This saves your provider (RSC Security) and therefore you, the customer money.  
  • Space saving – Optical fibers can be drawn into smaller spaces than traditional copper cables.   
  • Higher carrying capacity – Because optical fibers are thinner than copper cables, more fibers can be bundled into a given-diameter cable than copper wires. This allows more transmission lines to go over the same cable  
  • Less signal degradation – The loss of signal in optical fiber is less than in copper cabling.  
  • Light signals – Unlike electrical signals in copper cables, light signals from one fiber do not interfere with those of other fibers in the same cable. This means, for example, clearer CCTV images. 
  • Digital signals – Optical fibers are ideally suited for carrying digital information, which is especially useful in computer networks.  
  • Non-flammable – Because no electricity is passed through optical fibers, there is no fire hazard.  
  • Thinner & Lightweight – An optical cable weighs less than a comparable copper wire cable. Fiber-optic cables take up less space in cable ducts or in the ground.
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