Number Plate Recognition

Why use ANPR?

If you need to manage vehicle parking, detect unknown vehicles, automatically raise a vehicle barrier or just welcome staff and visitors with a custom message, check what an ANPR system can do for your business.

How ANPR works.

A N P R is a proven, reliable, automated number plate recognition and capture solution, comprising of two main components –

the HD camera head, and the software engine. First of all an image is acquired via the ANPR camera head. The latest HD cameras have been developed to overcome past issues related to vehicle speed, reflectivity of number plates, accurate focus in both day and night time operation, and most importantly – operation at night time with on coming vehicle headlights. Once acquired, number plate images are fed to the ANPR software controller where the data is interrogated and once identified the number is then passed to the database application, which in turn decides on the appropriate action to take. All this information is then saved to the unit’s recording hard disk, for later retrieval or interrogation. At this point the software can also switch to another camera and capture an additional image, providing for example an overview of the whole scene, or even the driver’s face. Once the number plate has been captured the system can provide many automated activations or generated reports.

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